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ZG Bauunternehmen Mallorca was facing a new renovation in a villa in the town of Portol in Marratxi on the island of Mallorca. The reform of the Portol Villa project.

The clients asked us very specifically to carry out a renovation that was limited to completely updating and improving the villa. But respecting as much as possible the existing structure and materials.

They wanted the same image and essence of a villa to be maintained with the charm of typical Mallorcan buildings. With stone walls, tiles, Mallorcan blinds and a porch covered with wood and tiles.

The project had to be carried out respecting that concept and the ideas of the client who wanted the essence and charm created many decades ago to be respected.


With these guidelines from the client, our work team got underway and a reform was designed to update the construction with the Villa de Portol project. And modernizing the aspects of comfort and habitability without forgetting the improvement in materials for thermal insulation.

On the outside, the upper area was renovated with thermal and anti-humidity insulation, avoiding the risk of possible humidity problems. Very typical of very old buildings. Roofs, downspouts, walls, facades and the entire exterior were inspected. Some of the windows and doors that had sentimental value for clients were respected, but the rest was modernized. New windows with thermal insulation were installed.

Around the entire villa, our landscapers created beautiful green gardens respecting the vast majority of existing native trees and plants. To which were added a good number of plants and trees. That gave it a special and very spectacular touch despite its simple design in shapes. A solarium was also created with very clear views that reached as far as the eye can see and all in beautiful green colors.

Inside, ZG Bauunternehmen Mallorca renovated everything respecting some materials, doors, windows, etc. But modernizing and improving the most damaged doors and windows, walls, stairs, bathrooms and rooms. Without forgetting the living room, kitchen and living room with a beautiful original window from the house and a large fireplace.

The final result of this Portol Villa project was magnificent as can be seen in the photos of the project, achieving the approval and satisfaction of the clients. Once again, ZG Bauunternehmen Mallorca carried out a successful renovation job on a difficult project, but which ended up being wonderful. Portol Villa Project.

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