The construction of the Colonia Sant Pere Villa Project in Mallorca. Once again it was a significant challenge to build from the ground up a new exclusive villa in a beautiful area of the beautiful island of Mallorca.

In an unparalleled natural environment and surrounded by the island’s native green nature and Mediterranean vegetation. The ZG Bauunternehmen team had to carry out a complete project including landscaping. And it had to be done respecting the charm and typical image of local buildings.


Once again ZG did an excellent job fulfilling the client’s wishes and built an impressive villa. From the ground to the final finishes and landscaping and pool.

With a beautiful natural setting in the background and surrounded by impressive natural beauty. The final work was a great success with a beautiful villa that exudes quality and just by looking at it, the feeling of peace and relaxation is absolute.

Both the interior and exterior were pampered down to the last detail to ensure that the client’s wishes were satisfied. And they felt happy in their new exclusive villa in Mallorca in the incredible enclave of Sant Pere. One more success for the extensive and successful portfolio of ZG Bauunternehmen Mallorca, s.l.u. Colonia Sant Pere Villa Project