Arta Villa Project. Located in the beautiful area of the Arta region in Mallorca and away from noise and bustle. This wonderful and spectacular exclusive villa built from the ground to the last details by ZG Bauunternehmen Mallorca is strategically positioned.

The challenge was not simple, as it never is when it comes to combining a modern and ecological construction with the environment, but at the same time with great comfort and equipped with the most modern and current technological elements.

The project of this exclusive villa in Arta was carried out in a perfect location to achieve maximum privacy. But at the same time perfect and clear views from an elevation of the land.


The final result was spectacular, far exceeding the expectations of the clients who commissioned us to build it. This desire for intimacy, beauty, integration into the environment and environmental ecology. Was achieved with the implementation of water and electricity saving systems.

The property reflects the style of the island with that Mallorcan charm with stone-lined walls and Mallorcan blinds. It is surrounded by terraces and spaces at different heights. The landscaping created with plants that require only drip irrigation and that perfectly reflect the native nature stands out. The solarium and pool have a lot of space with many square meters and a spectacular chillout area separate from the main house.

The interior of the Arta villa project, has a design with open rooms where light colors dominate with the contrast of the color of the wood on the ceilings. And that follow the exterior design of that same wood and color.
Mallorcan stone is present in several places in the house. From the living room, through much of the facades, the pool area and the entrance to the property. Which gives it a strong image, but at the same time integration with the environment.

As always and in this Arta villa project. ZG Bauunternehmen Mallorca has taken care of every last detail so that everything was perfect and managed to captivate clients, something it always achieves with its projects.