At ZG Bauunternehmen Mallorca, for 30 years. We have been expert builders specialized in new constructions and reforms or renovations in Mallorca. We are aware that the words reforms and renovations can be confusing and although they may seem to mean the same thing. They do not. And to help you to be clear about it, we will explain it to you very quickly:

The difference between reform and renovation

The difference between reform” and “renovation primarily refers to the scope and magnitude of the changes made to a building, space, or property. Although both terms are related to the improvement or modification of an existing structure. There are some subtle distinctions.

  1. House reform: A house renovation involves significant changes to the structure, design, and functionality of a home. It may involve modifications to room layout, the incorporation of new spaces. The renovation of electrical or plumbing systems, home expansion, or even the construction of a new floor. House renovations are typically more complex projects that require the involvement of architects, engineers, and builders.
  2. House renovation: A house renovation focuses more on the aesthetic and functional update and improvement of the home without making major structural changes. This may include renovating the kitchen and bathrooms. Installing new flooring and wall coverings, updating lighting systems. Replacing windows and doors, modernizing plumbing fixtures, painting, and other superficial changes. House remodeling projects can be simpler and may be carried out by professionals.


In summary, a house reform involves significant structural and functional changes. While a house renovation focuses more on aesthetic and functional improvements without altering the main structure of the home. Both terms are used to describe the enhancement of an existing house. But renovation is broader and more complex, while remodeling focuses on more superficial changes.

If you need to reform or renovate your home, at ZG we will be happy to help you with everything you need. We can do a study and present you with a budget so that you know first-hand the cost and details. Call us at +34 971 835 951 or send us an email, and without any commitment on your part, we will assist you immediately. Difference Between Reform and Renovation.