The Perfect Site Location in Mallorca

Choosing the perfect site location in Mallorca for your new luxury home is crucial. Panoramic views, access to pristine beaches and proximity to exclusive services guarantee an exceptional real estate investment and a dream life. At ZG Bauunternehmen Mallorca, we help you find the best location for your new construction or renovation project of a house or villa in Mallorca.

Best Places To Choose

Mallorca is one of the last paradises in the Mediterranean where you can own a property and enjoy it in the best site locations. It is a very varied island with very different areas between them, From mountainous, with beaches or rural areas in the center of the island.

It is divided into 6 wonderful regions:

Palma de Mallorca, Serra de Tramuntana, Raiguer, Pla de Mallorca, Levante and Migjorn. At ZG we invite you to get to know each one of them and discover which would be your ideal site location to build or renovate a villa or house in Mallorca.

Paradise on Earth

Crystalline Waters

The region of Llevant on the island of Mallorca, Spain is the perfect site location. Offers a wide variety of site locations and ideal areas to live and build or renovate a luxury house or villa. With its impressive natural environment, Mediterranean climate, coves and beaches with crystalline waters, high-quality services and spectacular location.

This region has become a popular destination for lovers of luxury and tranquility. Some of the best towns and areas in the Llevant region are listed here.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Serra de Tramuntana is a mountain range located on the northwest coast of the Spanish island of Mallorca. It is known for its stunning natural beauty and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The range stretches approximately 90 kilometers (56 miles) from southwest to northeast. And offers stunning scenery, rugged cliffs, quaint towns, and hiking trails for lovers of the outdoors. Here you can expand the information.

The region of Raiguer, located on the island of Mallorca, offers a wide variety of towns and places that are perfect for living and building a luxury house or villa. This particular region boasts a unique combination of natural beauty, favorable climate, exceptional quality of life,

Has a solid infrastructure, making it an attractive choice for people from around the world, especially European citizens. Click here for more information

Picturesque Towns

The Pla de Mallorca, located on the beautiful island of Mallorca, offers a unique opportunity for those looking to invest in luxury homes and villas in one of the last natural paradises in the Mediterranean. With its picturesque towns and stunning natural surroundings, this region embodies the Mediterranean lifestyle at its best.

Your Dreams Come True

If you are considering the construction or renovation of a house or villa, Pla de Mallorca is the ideal place to make your dreams come true and ensure a profitable investment both in the present and in the future.

Palma, the capital of the island of Mallorca and located in the homonymous region, is a desired destination for many people from all over Europe and beyond. With a Mediterranean climate, stunning beaches, a rich history, and a vibrant cultural life.

The region of Palma de Mallorca offers a great quality of life and attractions for those looking to own a luxury house or villa, whether by renovating or building a new one.

The Migjorn region, located in the south of Mallorca, is an exceptional place to live and build a luxury house or villa. With its beautiful towns and dreamy beaches. It offers an idyllic lifestyle in an incomparable Mediterranean setting and is the ideal site locations.

Moreover, Mallorca in general, and the Migjorn region in particular, are highly attractive destinations for European investors. Due to their privileged geographical location and a thriving real estate market.

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Portocolom is a perfect site location in Mallorca
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Port of Soller an ideal site location in the west side of Mallorca for you villa project