The Final Moment of the Project: “The Final Touches”

The “Final Touches” in the new construction and reform of houses and villas in Mallorca, refer to the final stages and elements of the process of construction or reform of a house or villa. These stages are carried out after completing the main structure and the basic installations of the property. Final touches are essential to give the property the desired final look and functionality. Including interior finishes, installation of accessories, carpentry, furniture, exterior installations and decorative details. These elements are essential to complete the project.

Special Attention to the Final Touches in Mallorca

In the constructions in Mallorca, the final touches on the exteriors, the landscaping, the gardening, the terraces and the swimming pools are fundamental. Mallorca offers a unique natural environment and a favorable Mediterranean climate. The well-designed and functional outdoor spaces allow you to enjoy the surroundings and the climate, creating areas for leisure and entertainment.

Perfection in the External Elements

In addition, they add value to the property, provide aesthetic beauty, promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage emotional well-being by being in contact with nature. These exterior elements also make a property more attractive to buyers or renters. Setting it apart in the real estate market. Paying attention to detail in the exteriors ensures a complete and satisfying experience for residents and visitors with perfect final touches

Details Finishing Touches

This involves the installation of elements such as paint. Wall coverings (such as wallpaper or decorative panels), floors (such as parquet, tiles or carpets). And decorative moldings or cornices. Also included is the installation of interior doors, built-in wardrobes, and the completion of stairs and railings and final touches.

This includes the installation of accessories and decorative elements such as lamps, light fixtures, switches, plugs, and outlets. Also included are plumbing items such as faucets, sinks, toilets, showers, and bathtubs.

At this stage, the carpentry elements, such as door and window frames, as well as the integrated furniture, such as kitchen cabinets, shelves and built-in wardrobes, are installed.

A Fundamental Part

The installation of the kitchen is a fundamental part of the finishing process. Since this space is essential in a home and requires special attention in terms of design, functionality and aesthetics.

A well installed and equipped kitchen adds value and comfort to the property. And its final design and finish can make all the difference in terms of appearance and usability.

This may include the construction of outdoor decks, porches, or seating areas. Gardening and landscaping work can also be carried out. Such as sowing lawns, planting trees and shrubs, and installing irrigation systems.

The final touches can also involve the interior and exterior decoration, such as the placement of curtains, blinds or blinds, the selection of colors and textures in the paint, the choice of furniture and the incorporation of decorative elements, such as furniture, paintings , lamps, mirrors or plants. Everything that the client could wish for.

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